Karl Lillrud

Keynote speaker and mentor with a background as an Entrepreneur, Management consultant, and online expert.

Karl has extensive experience from multiple industries i.e. E-Commerce, Retail, Web-based, Pharmaceuticals, Government, Telecom, Media, Fortune 500 companies and more.  As a speaker, Karl always shares his passion and experience with the audience to empower.  With a burning interest in the growth of global E-Commerce and retail, Karl started to study customer behavior and customer psychology to understand more about the difference between a customer and a window shopper. But also to understand why E-Commerce conversion is around 3% as compared to the retail conversion of around 57%. Which led to the role of a speaker where Karl works all over the world.

Karl Lillrud  2 x TED talare och global föreläsare med ehandel och retail (omnichannel) kombinerat med konsumnetbeteendeanalys.