Martin Richards

Inspirational Talks – Life Stories

Martin Richards – teacher, trainer and professional coach – uses stories from his own life to promote deep conversations about the things that matter in life – making choices, choosing the right attitude and learning from whatever happens.

Martin uses short humorous sketches that engage the students in a way that they will never forget. The students are then invited to discuss how such choices can be made, and the long-term effects the choices have on a person’s life. And yes, the talk is in English, and in Swedish.

 Martin Richards' mission is to train students, parents, teachers and school leaders to speak the coaching language so that desirable educational changes come more rapidly and more easily.

Martin Richards creates school-wide change through Inspiration, Training and Support in 'A Coaching Approach to Education'.
Martin Richards is an experienced educator and facilitator, with more than two decades of designing and running thousands of successful training and development programs for individuals and organisations.


In March 2017, Martin released a book, "Igniting a Passion for Learning" and he will soon release a new one, "The Coach in the Classroom". You´ll find it on He is also having workshops in Gothenburg this October, maybe interesting if you are a teacher.